Rare Earth Reports

Welcome to Strategic Resources (TSXv:STI).


Our flagship project is situated in the Gallinas Mountains of New Mexico, USA.


The Gallinas Mountains have been thoroughly studied over the years, both from a Fluorite perspective and from a Rare Earth viewpoint.


The following links are some of the more notable studies that have been done.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Malcolm Bucholtz, President/CEO at 306-525-0852.



The following newsletter pieces, courtesy of Technology Metals Research LLC and also Hallgarten & Co make for some interesting additional reading.


The following links present a copy of a Technical Display Poster and also an Open File Report from the New Mexico Bureau of Mines.


The following paper discusses the REE potential of the Kipawa region of Quebec, Canada. Strategic Resources is currently examining the merits of this region as a compliment to its activities in New Mexico, USA.